Terry Soppe

CAT Department
Montgomery College, Maryland

Art Resources


These blogs will be useful for everyone interested in finding fresh info to complete college assignments (I often cite these sources when I have to write my paper on a related topic:

  • Wooster Collective - a great blog dedicated to showcasing and celebrating creative ephemeral art, with lots of interviews featuring street artists, gallery reviews, painters and art people around the world.
  • Art Libraries Society of North America - growing unity of over 2,000 individuals dedicated to fostering excellence in design, art librarianship and image management.
  • Edward Winkleman - personal website of an art dealer - great one for business development and building communications within the industry.
  • Greg.org - personal web page of a NY Times contributor dedicated to filmmaking, art, writing projects and everything in between. Interviews with filmmakers and artists on culture related issues.
  • Gallery Hopper - guide to the best of fine art galleries, photography, and events in New York City and beyond.

Report Writing Resources


Here is my list of educational resources that will cover all the issues around report writing and help you write a systematic, well organised document.

  • Academic Skills Centre, University of Canberra - comprehensive guidelines to writing a report, with listed necessary sections, presentation and style guides, rules to follow and things to avoid.
  • Report Writing Help - only if you stuck with your report writing assignment. You can get professional academic paper help there (editing and writing service for college and university students).
  • How to write a report? - step-by-step report writing guide from bcu.ac.uk (preparation, planning and research, report structure, procedure, materials and methods).
  • WRiSE - guide for students on how to write reports on different subjects, including: molecular biology, chemical engineering, civil engineering, biology, chemistry, physiology, microbiology and others.
  • Academic Report Writing Template - an example long report template (Title, Acknowledgments, Summary / Abstract, Contents Page, Introduction, Literature Review, Methodology, Findings, Conclusions, Recommendations, Appendices, Bibliography).
  • Business Reports - tips on developing your writing practice and a guide to planning and researching business reports.

Research Paper Writing Resources


How to deliver a well-researched and correctly organised document? Check out these resources to writing a college research paper:

  • Rice.edu - how to become an accomplished writer and develop effective technical writing skills? How to cite web sites as references?
  • Common Errors in Student Research Papers - a list of a common mistakes students do when writing papers and tips on how to avoid them and deliver a professionally written work.
  • Research Paper Help - it happens you had no enough time and all deadlines are missed. Don't waste your time - ask for a professional quick help with your custom research paper from a trusted online writing company.
  • Research paper - yep, just in case you're completely lost.
  • MLA writing guide - a guide for writing research papers based on Modern Language Association rules and requirements (introduction to research techniques and approaches to research).
  • Writer's Handbook - this website lists linear process of writing a library-based research paper

Essay Writing Resources


How to write an essay without so much efforts and common errors? Resources to help you make an essay that meets all the university requirements:

  • Tripod.com - a step-by-step guide to writing a basic essay, along with links to other essay-writing resources.
  • Monash.edu.au - this online resource is intended to help students develop skills to write great essays at the university level.
  • How to write an essay? - a step-by-step guide for students writing essays, or for college instructors teaching essay writing.
  • Order an essay - if you got a super hard assignment to complete, check these guys for a quick and safe order of an essay sample on a desired topic, and don't forget to rewrite it and provide your own research and sources of info.